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Jacques Townhouse Display

 Aghh!!! I die!!! These decorations are incredibly adorable. This is part of the decorations of the Jacques Townhouse, a small hotel located in London. I’ve never heard of this place but thanks to Style Bubble’s blog entry we can feast our eyes on this. Adorbs!

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Flying Buddha

Flying Buddha is the name of this piece found on Etsy, the listing is here, the store is here. A rather fascinating piece, very different from normal mobiles, I adore the stones and crystals hanging from it. There IS an actual Buddha hanging around somewhere.

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Kyoto Cocoons

Kyoto07_1 (128)

Kyoto, Japan

An adorable little shop outside of Kyoto (Arashiyama). I was very rusty in my Japanese but I just had to know what I was looking at. I finally figured it out after a show spectacle of hand gestures, a few words I understood and drawings. All the white little circles are silk cocoons. They made mobiles and other cards and sculptures. Yours truly couldn’t resist being in the picture. XD!!

I bought a few of these will post pics later.

Kyoto07_1 (127)

Kyoto07_1 (126)

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SCAD Admission


Savannah, Georgia.
I kind of REALLY enjoy this chandelier like structure at the Admission Office/Graphic Design Faculty. I love entering the building and see this every morning. 🙂

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Eclipse Decorations

These beautiful color-shifting hanging lamps were seen in the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie, they were to decorate the graduation party at the Cullen household. It looks so elegant yet mystical. Leave it to Alice to go overboard. XD!
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Glass Butterflies

Large Glass Winged Butterflies, found on Etsy made by LA glass

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Frasier and Wing

By mobile designer Heather Frazier from Portland. Her incredible hand made mobiles can be seen and purchased at www.frazierandwing.com/

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Ritz Carlton Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China.
Beautiful sounds while waiting for the elevator.
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Hanging Rain

Cute idea.
Adorable execution.
Also found on Etsy.

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